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Living it up in Amsterdam – with a few nights at The Grand

This year I headed to SAIL2015 – it’s pretty much Europe’s buggest Maritime Festival. Every 5 years this mega boating bonaza sails into town, and what’s more the flotilla of vessels is dominated by some of the most stunning Tall Ships in the world.  Google it – it’s extraordinary.


fireworks SAIL 2015

The trip was organised by the City of Amsterdam, through their development office ‘I Amsterdam’. As a guest of the city I had extraordinary access to the event, including a vist to the iconic Amsterdam Clipper, and a chance to sail down the river to mingle amongst the boats and then enjoy an open air classical music concert! Yeah, those Dutch know how to make messing about in boats something fun.

But a highlight of the trip was also the chance to visit some fancy hotels – and you all know how much I like 5 star luxury. You can see my review of the Hotel De L’ Europe here.  I also spent two nights at the Sofitel Legend The Grand. As with other Legendary properties, the place is a real part of the city’s history.

Sofitel The Grand Amsterdam Andrew Forbes (3)

Aptly, considering I was there for teh SAIL festival, The Grand was once the Dutch Admiralty, and let’s not forget that before the Brits starting dominating the globe, the Dutch were their first as the world’s greatest maritime nation. The Admiralty was a centre of serious power. Now its the centre of some serious luxury. Having said that I only got to stay in a Superior Room – yeah, I know that sounds like a spoilt brat, but really, I wanted a suite!

You can read my review of The Grand for The Luxury Editor here.

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