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JFK – our gateway to the Americas

Today is the first of our inter continental journeys. In preparation to leave LHR for JFK, Terminal 5 facilitated the journey efficiently and swiftly: whilst Gordan Ramsey’s airport restaurant delivered some tasty Eggs Benedict to make sure things got off to a good start.

International travel or the masses lacks glamour: with credit card security verifications; mobile phone roaming charges; and ridiculous security screening, where contact lens solution can be interpreted as a threat to a modern democracy, all combine to make travel a pain.

Yet as our workhorse 747 roared down the runway and soared into the clouds over England, I just felt that there still a little magic left in one of our greatest freedoms, the right and privilege to explore this wondrous planet.

I hope that NYC will kick start this multi-thousand kilometre adventure with high octane excitement and some much needed glamour.

(It seems i’ve only packed pink shirts and one jacket – I will try a new wardrobe for the next entry!)

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