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Sorry Japan

Watching, listening, reading – following the humanitarian and environmental disaster in Japan unfold is a so sad. The awesome magnitude of the destruction is somehow minimised and numbed by our over familiarity with Hollywood special effects.

Following the Chernobyl disaster, by mother contracted fatal cancer in one of the cancer clusters in Cumbria, after the Lake District’s, stormy weather dumped large amounts of radiative material on the regions highlands. I guess that ever since I have hated nuclear power, an industry that is made worse by is covert evil marriage of convenience with the military and the manufacture of weapon of mass destruction.

So it is with great poignancy that I follow the nuclear disaster unfolding in Japan. Today we decided to take Japan out of our RTW itinerary. I have wanted to go there for so long and Tokyo and Kyoto were to be, undoubtedly, one of the highlights of the trip for me, but the increasingly deteriorating situation with regards to radiation contamination and the removal of travel insurance cover; government warnings; and the loving concern of friends and family have made us realise that this is not the right time to enjoy this amazing nation.

When I cancelled the Tokyo and Kyoto accommodation the email response I received from the charming ancient Ryokan guest house in Kyoto lacked the customary grace ad elegance of previous communications. No salutation or warm sign off; just few angry words conveying frustration at our lack of confidence in Japan and the assertion that few other countries on the planet can offer the experiences of Japan.

I agree, but with Tokyo suffering power rationing, contaminated water, panic buying and the threat of the almost inevitable contamination of seafood, the stable of Japanese cuisine, now is not the time to visit.

Sorry Japan – Thailand is now set to receive an extra two excited travellers.

Thanks again to Liz Goodall at Travel Nation for making all the new arrangements and getting all flights switched for free!

Liz Goodall
Senior Travel Consultant

Travel Nation

01273 224524 – direct line
0044 1273 224524 – from outside UK

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