Hospitality Consultancy

Results-orientated, entrepreneurial-style consultancy for hotels & businesses in the hospitality sector. Strong focus on the guest experience; and the effectiveness of your brand identity.

Emotionally engage your clients, create a compelling client journey, champion a strong, unique identity for your business.

For the past 25 years, Andrew has been travelling widely, experiencing a number of hospitality sectors, from owner-run boutique properties, international hotels & resorts, to elite villa and estate rentals. His expertise in business and marketing communications, combined with genuine travel and hospitalty experience means he has the insights to help your business offer a captivating client journey, make your client communications more effective, increase loyalty and protect margins.

Services are tailored to the needs of hospitality businesses, especially small luxury hotels, boutique properties, as well as Elite Villa & Estate Rentals. Services  include:

  • Compelling, captivating, unique guest experience
  • Hotel identity
  • Hotel Marketing
  • Property Inspections and Mystery Guest Services
  • Brand Audit, strategy and implementation
  • Destination Marketing
  • Original content, including Hotel ‘Back Stories’ to provide provenance and credibility
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