Dubai – ‘Desert Storm’ – eco/luxury Dubai Desert Retreat ‘Al Maha’ (cont.)

(continued from previous clipping)

Dubai has become a maelstrom of construction, commerce, and tourism. Yet there is one place to shelter from this desert storm; the exclusive, luxury Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve of ‘Al Maha’

Safari activities
The reserve has been created with the assistance of international safari and wildlife experts, and is more than just the perfect, exclusive holiday destination. Indigenous species have been reintroduced, including the regions’ first free-roaming herds of endangered Oryx; and over 6,000 indigenous trees, shrubs and grasses have been propagated. The resort surrounds a watering hole, in the classic safari style so as the sun goes down you can enjoy the sight of the rare wildlife. One may choose to do nothing but relax and unwind, enjoying
the sunny days and the calm desert nights. Alternatively, a range of exclusive activities are available to energise and inspire. Take a thrilling desert safari in one of the resort’s luxury 4x4s; or if you want something a little more tranquil, take a guided nature walk with one of the local experts or maybe enjoy an early morning horse or camal ride.

One of the most extraordinary experiences is to witness the ancient art of Arabian Falconry. Rise early, and venture out into the cool desert as the sun rises and fills the landscape with colour. Enjoy a traditional early morning snack of dates and strong coffee before being astonished by the skill of the falconer. Dating back thousands of years and with strong links to Arab nobility, falconry has always been the hunting style of choice for the nomadic Bedouin.

Dining is one of the great pleasures of the resort – eat privately on one’s own terrace or in one’s suite; join fellow guests in the intimate
‘Al Diwaan’ dining room or alfresco terrace; or head out into the privacy of the desert and dine amongst the dunes. The gastronomy combines the best of east and west, using organic ingredients.

One of the recent additions has been the resort’s ‘Timeless’ spa, with its sound or gently running water, the soft scent of essential oils and a
refreshing breeze of cool air; all combining to make this a truly relaxing and healing destination.

Award Winning
Al Maha has won the ‘World Legacy Award’ from National Geographic, and the ‘Arab Cities Award’ for Architecture and Best Environmental
Design amongst many accolades. The combination of peace, seclusion, luxury and pampering makes Al Maha a very seductive


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