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Under the Umbrian Sun

Under the Umbrian Sun

Leave behind the tourist hordes and instead head to Umbria’s medieval hilltop towns

It was like being immersed in an exuberant dream. Upon entering the palace it took a moment to adjust to the light; flickering candles were held aloft by young Footman dressed in white, wearing striking Zanni and Pantalone style masks with exaggerated noses, typical of an Italian Masquerade Ball. Beautifully dressed hostesses greeted us, dressed in ornately decorated and beaded dresses, their hair adorned with peonies, roses, vine leaves and grapes. Baroque music played. The intrigue continued as we were seated for the banquet. Illuminated by candelabras and lanterns, athletic dancers, wearing theatrical costumes, performed in front of us beginning their story telling…I was captivated.

Beyond Assisi

I had only been in Umbria a few days, but I was spellbound. I have to admit that I haven’t been that adventurous in my trips to Italy, allowing myself to be tempted by the country’s big hitters, including of course romantic Tuscany. In fact it would seem that I have not been alone in being seduced by the draw of Florence and Siena, or icons like the leaning tower of Pisa and those quintessential Italian countryside scenes of manor houses reached by winding lanes lined with towering Cypress trees. But giving into such temptations often means that many forego the opportunity to enjoy neighbouring Umbria.


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Under the Umbrian Sun Travel Feature A Forbes

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