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Hong Kong – ‘Living the High Life’

With over 650 gleaming skyscrapers reaching for the sky, Hong Kong’s sparkling skyline is instantly recognisable; it is Asia’s world city of trade, commerce and unprecedented luxury.

Hong Kong (HK) is not only one of the most vertical cities on the planet; it is also one of the world’s wealthiest, an international centre of burgeoning trade and finance. It is a city dedicated to the elite; home to the most lavish hotels, extraordinary service, extravagant dining, fabulous shopping and exclusive nightlife.


Here in one of the most advanced cities in Asia, old traditions blend with modern life. Ancient Chinese culture is matched by a vibrant modern art, film and music culture born during HK’s period of relative independence under British colonial rule.

China regained sovereignty of Hong Kong from Great Britain in 1997, and HK is now a Special Administrative Region.


Hong Kong includes Hong Kong Island, the epicentre of the region, Kowloon Peninsula and the New Territories to the north.

‘Victoria Harbour’, one of the world’s deepest, has contributed greatly to the development of HK and is a great place to enjoy a boat tour, and get a feel of the fishing villages, bays and islands that make up HK.

If you’re looking for a classic perspective on the city, then take the historic tram up to ‘The Peak’, HK’s highest mountain, where bars and restaurants offer unprecedented views. If you are feeling energetic, enjoy the cooler mountain air here with a hike in the lush nature, where there are sub tropical orchids, butterflies and rare birds.


HK is a truly labyrinthine metropolis, but for a stress-free experience, opt for a chauffeur driven limousine tour of the city, available from most of the upscale hotels.

This way you can be in the ‘Bird Garden’ one moment, experiencing the glorious idiosyncratic custom of HK residents taking their caged pet birds out with them for ‘walks’; and the next in an ancient temple, filled with clouds of incense.

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