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Hiking Mr Henderson’s Railway – a gourmet tour of hidden Andalucía – with Toma Tours (Norwegian)

Starting in the port city of Algerciras, at the colonial Hotel Reina Cristina, the gourmet walking tour shadows the rural, historic 19th Century railway from Algeciras up to Ronda over five days. The railway originally connected Gibraltar with the rest of Spain and was built by Mr Alexander Henderson, Lord Farringdon, and is now affectionately known as ‘Mr Henderson’s Railway’. For those with an interest in history and railways, there is plenty of fascinating information to discover.

The trip is not just about leisurely ambles through breath-taking countryside; it’s also about food; real, slow food, made with love by local people that have established restaurants along the railway, in vintage stations or former railway warehouses.

Hiking Mr Henderson’s Railway is a journey of discovery through the hidden Andalucía, the magical heart of Southern Spain that is well off the tourist trail, full of historic, cultural and gastronomic delights.


(this piece appeared in Det Norske Magasinet, April 2014)

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