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Delicious Miami – Fine dining at Meat Market

Putting passion and romance back on the menu

Miami probably has one of the sexiest culinary spirits in North America. The city pulses with energy, a vibrant mix of American and Caribbean cultures that makes it a unique destination.

Glamorous South Beach is where Miami’s sexy and elegant crowd eat and party, and one of the hot spots for celebrities, local foodies and Miami Beach’s trendsetters is ‘Meat Market’, a restaurant by David Tornek and acclaimed chef Sean Brasel.

This fine dining restaurant manages to successfully bring together classic American steakhouse favourites such as New York steak, filet mignon and rib eye; with Latin American dishes including ceviches and tiraditos, where raw fish is marinated in citrus juices for a unique tender texture and fresh taste.

Start your romantic evening at the upscale Crudo Car, sharing oysters with yuzu truffle mignonette, atomic horseradish and habanero cocktail sauce. With the strong Cuban influence here, be tempted by a seductive mojito or a sensual sangria: after all its Valentines.

Once at your table, sink into the custom leather banquet seating and feast your eyes on the menu. This is the season for Florida stone crabs, so start the meal with a pair of delicious meat claws, accompanied by a fresh green salad.

Principal plates include wild salmon, Maine Lobster or sea bass, but since this is ‘Meat Market’ it makes sense to tuck into an all-American premium steak, here uniquely smoked over pine and oak for a signature flavour and served with homemade sauces and butters.

The food is memorable, the ambiance sophisticated, the lighting flattering, the flickering candles magical, and the décor sultry; all together making dinner at Meat Market an unforgettable Miami experience.

Article first appeared in TOUT Magazine by Andrew Forbes

 TOUT Delicious Miami Meat Market by Andrew Forbes



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