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Letter from London – Andrew Forbes, the Luxury Navigator

So here I am, back in London. Yet not just for a typical social visit to see friends and families, but to ‘film my back story’.

In a moment of madness I agreed to take part in the US TV show, Househunters International. Today we’re in London to film a few pieces to represent my UK life before moving to Spain. ‘Burnt-out exec finds time for creativity in tranquil Southern Spain’ is the angle I’m guessing.

With grandparents and parents from Hertfordshire (St Albans and Welwyn Village), London has always been part of my life. Despite a childhood and education that took me across the UK including Scotland, it fair to say that London and the south east always felt like home. The villages and towns of the Home Counties have always had a comforting familiarity about them. I lived and worked in London for many years before moving out to Buckinghamshire and then Hertfordshire.

However over recent years, following my relocation to Spain I have not really spent much time in London as a visitor; I’m seeing the capital with a fresh perspective.

Over the past few days I have effortlessly slipped back into a familiar way of life. I’m not really prone to nostalgia but nipping into Selfridges and running for a tube made me recall my years living and working here; I do really miss this city.

I did not feel like a tourist and I didn’t feel like a Londoner either – the time living in my canal side loft flat near Wolff Olins in Kings Cross truly feels a lifetime ago, yet walking past The Tate, and grabbing a coffee from Pret makes me realise I could easily slip back into life here.

Andrew Forbes

Andrew Forbes, Travel and Lifestyle Marketing Communications Consultant and Travel Editor

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