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Horsing around in Jerez – The city’s annual feria

“It’s spectacular; the colour; the style; the elegance!” commented Joy Davies. Joy, was on a day trip to Jerez from her holiday home in Chiclana, to immerse herself in the magical world of the annual Jerez Horse Fair (Feria de Caballo).

Horses probably define the culture of Jerez more than the ubiquitous fortified wine we know as sherry, made from Moscatel, Palomino and Pedro Ximenez grapes that flourish in the chalky soils that surround the town. Home to the world famous Royal Andalucían School of Equestrian Art, Jerez remains one of Spain’s, if not Europe’s, leading centres for the breeding, training and trading of thoroughbred horses.

The annual Jerez Feria, with a history of almost half a millennia, is very popular amongst foreign residents and visitors, like Joy from Wales. One reason is that unlike Seville’s Spring Fair, the entire event in Jerez’s city centre is open to all; easily accessible to both locals and outside visitors. Another reason is that the party is a spectacular celebration of the local culture, both old and new, and provides the perfect backdrop for a superb day or more of drinking, eating and having a great time with friends.

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