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Chic Mediterranean sailing with SCICSailing

The elegant way to island-hop, and discover the Greek Dodecanese archipelago

Entering the sheltered island harbour of Symi is a memorable experience. The historic Venetian-style architecture of pastel coloured houses that surround the bay are a romantic snapshot of an era long gone in most of the Mediterranean.

Symi Dodecanese archipelago SCIC Sailing (9)

Part of the Dodecanese archipelago, the Greek island of Symi is close to the Turkish coast and is one of the hundreds of islands found in the legendary Aegean Sea. Its cultural and political history, embracing the Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans and more recently the Italians, is as colourful as the sight of the neoclassical houses that greet visiting yachts.

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Symi Dodecanese archipelago SCIC Sailing (2)

…this is sailing for those that prefer cocktails on deck rather than ‘all-hands-on-deck’…

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It was the end of our fifth day exploring the islands on an elegant private cruise aboard Naviga 1, a classic gulet yacht. Sailing the Greek islands is nothing new; yet if your idea of enjoying sailing is more cocktails on deck rather than ‘all-hands-on-deck’, then a larger, fully-crewed private yacht like this one might just be the thing.

Our vessel, ‘Naviga 1’ is part of the SCIC sailing fleet of authentic Bodrum gulets. She has a combination of seven double or twin, air-conditioned cabins, each with a private, ensuite shower. She was certainly a comfortable and relaxing home for a week exploring the less visited of the Greek islands.

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Remarkably a crew of just four keep things shipshape. In addition to the friendly and humorous Captain, the three additional sailors not only crew the yacht but also look after the pampered guests. One is the chef who prepared fresh, healthy and creative Mediterranean dishes for each meal; the other the steward, always on hard to serve a chilled glass of wine or prepare a gin & tonic with a fresh twist of lemon; whilst the third sailor took care of house-keeping.

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Acrobatic dolphins

As we arrived in Symi, lounging on the aft deck following an afternoon swimming in the crystalline waters of a nearby cove, the crew energetically worked together to lower anchor, and secure our mooring.

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Then the table was set for cocktails, a daily pre-dinner ritual. It’s an intimate atmosphere that is not only ideal for private family holidays, and get-aways with friends but also for solo travellers that might want to join a group for a relaxed and fun escape.

The itinerary combined island hopping with time to relax on-board.  Each day the crew sailed for a portion of the cruise. So when the warm wind obliged, the motor was cut and the white sails hoisted, pulling our elegant schooner gracefully through the water. On the way to the island of Kos, a pod of Risso’s dolphins suddenly appeared in the yacht’s wake acrobatically darting and diving amongst the surf, becoming ever more exuberant as we laughed, shouted, and reached for our cameras. That’s the beauty of taking to the waters in a privately crewed yacht – one has magical experiences that are out of reach of the over-sized, fixed-itinerary cruise liners.

…a pod of Risso’s dolphins suddenly appeared in the yacht’s wake, acrobatically darting and diving amongst the surf

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Being aboard a 24 metre boat also allows you exceptional access to islands and bays well off the tourist trail, and as a small group the itinerary can be refined or tweaked to suit the weather, or your whims. Each morning, after a breakfast of fruit, crusty bread, and freshly prepared eggs, the captain would ring the bell in the wheelhouse, announcing the daily briefing. With his navigation charts laid out across the outside dining table, this was the regular invitation for guests to help plan the day’s cruising ahead.

Hidden Anchorages

Using his expert knowledge of the Greek islands and the Turkish Datça Peninsula, the captain was able to suggest hidden anchorages and peaceful bays, often only accessible by yacht; perfect for alfresco lunches, swimming, snorkelling or kayaking.

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One evening the crew prepared an enchanting beach picnic, on a protected beach. A Greek-style meze was careful laid out on small tables surrounded by cushions and rugs, whilst aboard the captain barbequed chicken skewers and steaks which were swiftly ferried to us on the yacht’s tender. The subtle glow of the hurricane lanterns and tea lights allowed the full moon and stars to bathe the small cove in light, our view from the pebbly beach back out across to the yacht was perfectly framed by the bay’s steep, craggy edges and scented pine trees.

…discover hidden anchorages and peaceful bays…

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On the island excursions one discovers equally unspoilt scenery. As we tucked into breakfast on day three, accompanied by either rich, eastern Mediterranean coffee or amber tea, served in iconic Turkish tulip glasses, we approached the verdant, volcanic island of Nisyros. Favoured for its healing sulphurous waters, the island still has an active caldera, venting steam and gas.

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SCIC sailing Greek Islands andrew forbes travel (7)

Tilos is similarly unspoilt and peaceful, and a notable bird sanctuary for rare and migratory species. At one of the island’s highest points, hanging to the edge of a precipitous mountain is an ancient monastery. A Greek Orthodox monk, dressed in black, with a full, white beard, greeted us with a broad smile, whilst a few cats rolled over in the sun and then rubbed themselves against our ankles. The small chapel was breath-taking in its detail; historic frescos decorated the walls, and the floor was an intricate combination of river pebbles, stone and terracotta. The artisan design spilled out into the tiny, yet elaborate courtyard of black and white river stones, typical of the Dodecanese art of ‘Hokhláki’ pebble mosaics.

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SCIC sailing Greek Islands andrew forbes travel (15)

SCIC sailing Greek Islands andrew forbes travel (12)

By week’s end, the list of memorable, magical experiences is a long one, but for me watching the visual delight of Symi harbour unfold before us, from the teak deck of our schooner, as the warm Mediterranean sun began to slip down below the horizon, was truly unforgettable.


For more information about themed sailings for 2015, take a look atthe SCIC Sailing Calendar here.


Yacht Charters

SCICSailing offers weekly and fortnightly sailing cruises: Greek Dodecanese islands, and the Turkish Riviera.

Prices from €926.00 to €1043.00 per person, inclusive of meals, refreshments and alcoholic drinks, for a week (no single supplement).

Exclusive yacht charter also available, including meals and drinks.


Turkish Airlines operates flights from Malaga to Bodrum, via Istanbul.

Symi Dodecanese archipelago SCIC Sailing (8)

SCIC sailing Greek Islands andrew forbes travel (9)

SCIC sailing Greek Islands andrew forbes travel (2)

SCIC sailing Greek Islands andrew forbes travel (14)


I was hosted by SCIC Sailing  but this has not influenced by piece. I had an excpetionally good experience and would really recommend the company.

Please bear in mind though that this site and my articles are intended as entertainment only and not a definitive resource for purchasing decisions. Before making any travel or purchasing decision I recommend that you seek as much information as possible from various sources including review sites, guide books and other blogs. If you act based on my writing you do so at your own risk. If you wish to add anything to this piece, simply comment using the WordPress or Facebook plug-in.

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