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Travel Trends April / May

Travel Trends

The insider’s view on places to go and where to stay this season


‘Customisation’; ‘personalisation’ & ‘tailored’ – these are often the buzzwords in luxury travel. Since travel has lost some of its caché, discerning clients are now looking for genuine, personal touches to make their journeys special. This trend has not only put travel agents & advisers who offer exclusive, bespoke holiday experiences back in vogue; it has also persuaded airlines and hotel groups to create evermore ingeniously tailored services for their VIP travellers. Inevitably this helps build loyalty with the jetsetters. One of our favourite innovations is BA’s new tailored service, using the latest technology including iPads, offering the most up to date information to travellers in a truly personalised way.


In fact going green is certainly not just for eco-warriors; the travel sector is recognising its contribution to responsible tourism. Within the elite travel sector, it’s not always enough just to stay in an eco-resort. Privileged clients not only want to see the world: they want to save it too. From helping to conserve endangered species to protecting bio-diverse habitat, luxury travel is helping local initiatives across the world. If you fancy some barefoot luxury, whilst saving the world; then head to Eco Luxury’s intimate Serra Cafema’ lodge in Namibia’s stunning Skeleton Coast National Park. A stay here contributes to invaluable work to help conserve sea turtles, as well as helping the local indigenous people.


It’s no secret that the line between luxury brands and luxury destinations is well and truly blurred these days, allowing you to experience your favourite brands in new ways. Premium marques are already well associated with luxury hotels, with names such as Versace, Missoni, Bulgari, Armani, & Nobu already in the upscale hospitality sector. What’s new is that luxury furniture design company DEDON has created their own island paradise, on the south-eastern tip of reef-ringed Siarga island, in the Philippines. Described as ‘the exquisite harmony of nature, architecture and design’ this impeccable luxury resort, furnished of course with DEDON creations, is best enjoyed from the April to October….so you better get packing!


Spending quality time with your loved ones is of course one of the great pleasures of taking a break. Elite travellers are no longer willing to compromise quality or service just because they’re taking their children. So in response, more and more of the upscale premium hotel brands are building large private family villas within their properties, and creating activities and clubs for younger guests. This allows parents to enjoy the finer things in life, whilst the youngsters are entertained. Starwood’s exclusive St. Regis brand has been quick to set the tone, with interior designed family villas, rooms and suites complemented by that famous St. Regis butler service. This spring the St. Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort, in Spain’s Balearics is in-tune with the needs of high-net-worth families.

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