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Team Xtreme Activity Adventures in Health Matters Magazine

Eating well, taking regular exercise and making time to relax are the keys to a healthy lifestyle; let’s face it we all know it. Yet, somehow, taking that daily run, or going to the gym just seems so hard to make part of our everyday schedule. Given the choice of hammering out a training programme in the gym or hanging out and having a laugh with friends, and most of us opt for the more sociable, less predictable option every time.

“Make fitness an adventure!” suggests Babak Alimoradian, the energetic and charismatic owner of Team Xtreme, one of Spain’s new breed of adventure activity companies that combines great fun in the great outdoors with some very new and exciting adventures.

“We’re so lucky living here in Andalucía; we have some of the finest scenery and adventure locations right on our doorstop.” Babak has been a fitness convert since a youngster and has always enjoyed a varied programme of activities from classic gym workouts, tennis, running and martial arts and even wrestling (he was one of the top athletes in the sport in Germany and USA during his college days). But he is passionate about adventure sports.

“Adventure activities are one of the best ways to make fitness part of your lifestyle. You can enjoy a very socialable, exciting, healthy experience and not even think about the workout you’re getting. One of our most popular activities we offer here is ‘canyoning’, as it is not too physically demanding and we can choose routes that match clients’ abilities. Plus there are lots of opportunities to take a break and relax.”

Canyoning is a sport where you can explore water gorges, wearing a wet suit, strong shoes and a safety helmet. Andalucía has some of Europe’s most spectacular gorges and canyons, offering stunning water falls, deep natural pools and breathtaking scenery. Team Xtreme gives you unrivalled access to these amazing rivers, and their professional, fully insured guides will teach you new skills, including exhilarating and highly enjoyable abseils, climbs, jumps and of course some swimming!

So why not take a break with your fitness routine and take advantage of some real active relaxation with one of Team Xtreme’s professionally designed canyon routes in Guadalmina or the more demanding Rio Verde? You’ll get provided with all the equipment you need and a certified guide. “You’re guaranteed to have a great time!” confirms Babak.

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