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Seville welcomes Spring with its annual extravaganza, ‘Feria de Abril’

Andalucía’s capital, more vibrant, livelier and even louder than normal

A visit to Andalucía’s capital in late April guarantees to deliver an intense experience. At first this might seem hard to believe, as the city’s normally bustling streets are unusually quiet, and town centre bars and restaurants seem less crowded at this time of year. That’s because the city has moved; the heart of Seville is instead beating in the Los Remedios neighbourhood, just across the river in the south west, where the annual city party to end all parties is in full swing.

Seville’s annual spring fair, the “feria de abril” is a passionate celebration of everything Andalucían. Over one and half million people make this week-long fiesta one of the world’s greatest parties, with all that is quintessentially Andalucían and Spanish. No where else in Spain is one promised such an extraordinary experience, rich in folk history, colour, music, gastronomy, dance, corridas and of course sherry.

The temporary feria city in Los Remedios is made up of hundreds of “casetas”, pavilions that have been constructed just for the party. Most are private, belonging to businesses; workers’ unions; eminent, high society families; clubs or even informal groups of friends.

“It’s like a microcosm of the city as a whole. It’s as if each different social group and strata of Seville culture are all represented here” commented Ronnie Graham, a London lawyer who had flown over especially to be part of the fun.

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