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Rioja’s Cathedrals of Wine

Probably the most iconic of all Spanish wines, the Rioja is enjoying a renaissance thanks to modern wine making techniques, and innovative approaches from some of regions wine makers.

Routes and ways

I find northern Spain one of the most fascinating regions in Europe; with its diverse landscapes and highly distinctive cultures, and languages dating back millennia. The Camino de Santiago or St. James’ Way as it is also known is probably one of the most ancient routes that cuts through the region. Taken by pilgrims over the centuries, the route is now a centre piece of a multi-million euro tourism industry that uses the ancient, meditative way as a focus for the region’s history and gastronomy, taking in beautiful mediaeval cathedral cities along the way.

Yet, now there is a new route bring visitors on a pilgrimage of their own; the wines routes of Rioja and Navarra that take in modern cathedrals; architect designed wineries and bodegas that attract almost as much attention as the wines made within their climate controlled walls.

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