Dubai – ‘Desert Storm’ – eco/luxury Dubai Desert Retreat ‘Al Maha’

 Dubai has become a maelstrom of construction, commerce, and tourism. Yet there is one place to shelter from this desert storm; the exclusive, luxury Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve of ‘Al Maha’

Dubai has redefined luxury tourism, not just in the Middle East, but across the globe, offering an extraordinary mix
of high quality hospitality. Its rapid growth and the move towards higher volume tourism does not mean there is no where left for the elite to enjoy. There is still a magical corner of this sparkling Emirate that offers genuine exclusivity and tranquillity; a
place where one can rediscover the romance of Arabia.

Bedouin-inspired retreat
The ‘Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa’, a Starwood Luxury Collection Hotel, is regarded as being at the centre of Dubai’s heritage and
conservation efforts. Started as a personal project by the royal family, the reserve, some 65 kilometres from Dubai nestles within a green
and verdant oasis amongst some of Arabia’s most impressive dune and desert landscapes. The architects have created private suites, each in the style of an elaborate tent, so it all resembles an ancient Bedouin retreat.
However do not be fooled by the simplicity of the architecture; each suite is in fact a luxurious, up-to-date retreat, offering the very
best in elite accommodation, combined with a high level of personalised service. Relax on the discreet, shaded terrace or take a dip in
one’s very own private pool, or take an evening bath, prepared by a butler.
The entire resort is beautifully decorated and features over 2,000 historic and rare pieces of artwork, traditional jewellery, and Bedouin crafts.


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