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In-flight entertainment

Taking the shuttle to Chicago from New York is a pretty painless and short flight – and there nestling in the seat back pocket is the best in-flight entertainment anyone could wish for; the ‘SkyMall’ catalogue. When I fly domestically in the US it never ceases to amaze me the ‘inventions’ that are developed into products and sold in this crazy catalogue of products you never knew you couldn’t live without!

Take for example, ‘Litter Kwitter’, a remarkable ‘3-step Cat Toilet Training System’. Now this isn’t a system to get your feline friend to use a tray, it’s a system that trains your pet cat to use the household loo!!! When I saw the cat using the loo in the Hollywood movie ,’Meet the Fokkers’ I thought it was just a comedy moment, but no, here is the great US of A, cats can be trained to use a normal W.C. using a series if removable loo seats, that train the cat to climb on the loo. Step by step they get used to using the normal sized seat – disturbingly brilliant (49.99, in case you were interested….)

Another classic is the ‘Head Spa Massager’, a plastic helmet that looks like it been stolen from the set of Battlestar Galatica, which delivers a sensation of a ‘thousand tiny fingers simultaneously massaging your scalp’. It retails at 49.95…

(Joking apart though, I did see some products I almost ordered! Go online at where I republished the images from)

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