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Celebrating the past, present and future of Andalucía’s culture

The city of Granada’s new Cultural Centre, the ‘Memoria de Andalucía’ is a highly contemporary and innovative celebration of the region’s history, landscape, culture, and people.

Childhood memories of school trips to city museums have much to answer for; often intended by well-meaning teachers to be days-out to inspire and bring history and culture to life, usually ended in boredom and havoc on the bus trip home. For many these lasting memories would make museums a definite ‘no-no’ for sightseeing.

Yet Granada’s ‘Centro Cultural CajaGRANADA Memoria de Andalucía’ could well be the type of mold-breaking institution to change the idea of what a museum is and how it communicates with its audience. Combining world-class, avant-garde contemporary architecture with presentations that utilise the latest in interactive technology and media, the centre presents the rich cultural and natural diversity of Andalucía in a compelling and innovative way.

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